Property Management

Return on Investment + Peace of Mind = MIP

MIP manages a range of properties, from condos and single-family homes to two, three and four plexes. Our owners include first-time investors, busy professionals, retirees, and trustees of estates living both in the U.S. and abroad. We specialize in top-quality, full-service property management without hidden costs or fees. With MIP, you’ll never pay vacancy fees, annual fees, inspection fees or re-rent fees.

MIP’s Full-Service Property Management includes:

  • Exclusive Tenant VIP Rewards program
  • Preparing your property for rental
  • Aggressively marketing your property
  • Thoroughly screening all tenants
  • Collecting rent and handling expenses
  • Coordinating and supervising property repairs and maintenance
  • Keeping you informed through state-of-the-art online owner access

We’ll even customize our services to meet your needs!

Property Management

The MIP Tenant VIP Rewards program:

The quality of your investment is tied to the satisfaction of your tenants. MIP understands this and will promptly respond to tenants’ needs and questions. Even better, we’re the ONLY full-service property management company to offer a Tenant VIP Rewards program designed to enhance tenant retention and increase owners cash flow. Click here for more details on this FREE program.

Prepare to rent:

MIP will meet with you to evaluate your property and make recommendations on how it can appeal to the best possible residents for optimal monthly rental rates. Should you choose to use our qualified contractors or vendors, we’ll even supervise the work to make sure it’s done promptly and thoroughly.

Aggressive marketing:

MIP will first conduct a market rent analysis to determine your property’s optimal monthly rental rate. Our professional “For Lease” sign will be placed in front of your property if you like, and ads will be placed on numerous websites (approx 30), including the Multiple Listing Service. Your property will be shown to prospective tenants during the week, in the evenings, and on the weekends – whatever is convenient for the tenants you want to attract. MIP will keep a log of all inquiries and will follow up on any promising leads.

Tenant screening and pre-qualification:

MIP will review all prospective tenants’ credit, criminal, identification, sex offender, and eviction reports. We’ll then verify tenants’ rental histories and care of property, and we’ll contact their employers to verify reported incomes. Following this careful screening, MIP will contact you to share our findings and make tenant recommendations.

Rent collection and expenses:

Monthly rents will be promptly collected and deposited. MIP will disburse owners’ draws each month via direct deposit. We’ll serve “3-day Notices to Pay or Quit” between the 6th and 8th of the month if rent has not been paid by the 5th, and we will coordinate with our California Licensed Attorney and oversee eviction proceedings should the tenant fail to pay. We find that costly evictions can be avoided by careful applicant screening, as well as through frequent communication with the tenants.

Property repairs and maintenance, including 24-hour emergency service:

MIP will coordinate and schedule all property repairs and maintenance, and will supervise and inspect any work being done on your property. We’ll perform regular interior inspections and supervise tenant move-out inspections. MIP will minimize your repair and maintenance costs by using its own network of qualified independent contractors, whether for new paint, new flooring, carpet cleaning, or general property cleaning. There are no mark-ups; you simply pay what the work costs! If you have repair people you prefer we use on your property, we are happy to do that.

Peace of mind through communication:

MIP now offers our owners state-of-the-art online account access, 24/7. Our shop is never closed for you. Each owner is given a login which will allow you view tenant payments, bills, online statements and disbursements. We will provide you with a detailed, online monthly statement showing all expenses and rental income for each property, including copies of all bills and invoices. You will also be given a year-end accounting summary, and will receive regular phone calls or emails regarding all necessary activity on your property.

Fee Schedule:
We offer both full service property management and leasing only options, as described here:
A) Full Service.  With this option, we will market your property, screen applicants, and place tenants to fill the vacancy.  Once the tenant has moved in, we will continue with the property management (collecting rent, coordinating repairs and preventive maintenance, dealing with HOA or neighbor issues, record keeping/accounting, and so on).   The cost for this option is $395 when the tenant moves in and 6% of the collected monthly rent.
B) Leasing Only.  With this option, we will market your property, screen applicants, and place tenants to fill the vacancy.  After the thorough documentation of the condition of the property at the start of the lease, we will make sure your tenant is settled and then turn everything over to you for management.  The cost for this service is 5% of one year’s rent.
With the difference between the options being only $395 plus 1%, the vast majority of our clients elect to have us take the full landlording “burden” off their shoulders.  If your needs fall outside of these two options, feel free to reach out to us, so we can customize a service for you.

For Prospective Investors:

Why invest in Real Estate, anyway?  Please read this article from Forbes for answers to this question.  The many reasons explain why some of the wealthiest people in the world could not have achieved that status without Real Estate as a strong part of their investment portfolios!

If all of this information sounds interesting, but you just don’t have an investment property yet, we can help you with that too!  As we are dealing with Orange County rentals day in and day out, we know what works and what doesn’t.  We know the best cities and neighborhoods, based on your investment goals.  For example, perhaps you want a property that is not only a good investment for now, but eventually a place that you would like to live in later in life.  Not only can we give you the details about the available options, but we will also run a rental market evaluation on it so you know what to expect when renting it.  And then, when the time is right for you, Martin Investment Properties would be more than happy to help you purchase the property, so you can become a real estate investor yourself.  Just give us a call, and we can answer any questions you might have!