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Property Management might be your solution

As a Realtor, you spend a lot of time setting up, listing and marketing a property for sale. Your Owner then refuses to drop the price to meet the dipping market. You know that, at the current price, you simply aren’t going to be able to sell the property. And if the house doesn’t sell, you get nothing but an unhappy client.

If you have a scenario like this, suggest renting the property until the market can match the sales price. Once the market does turn around and the client decides to sell, we will make sure they contact you to list the home. We believe in the “Golden Rule” and would hate for an agent to steal our client so we don’t ever want to do that to another agent. It’s not good business.

At Martin Investment Properties Inc., we have creative Property Management options you can offer your Clients and still get paid without you having to sell the house. We offer professional Property Management throughout Orange County and we pride ourselves on taking care of people.

Why rent?

  • You get paid something now. We pay you a referral fee of $350 when the property is leased. We realize other management companies may offer higher referral fees, however we also know your owner will pay more in management and leasing fees. It’s not in your client’s best interest to go with the most expensive management of their home.
  • Your Owner gets paid something now. The rent can pay the mortgage (and maybe even more) while the Owner waits for the market to turn back up.
  • You make your client happy now.
  • You separate yourself from the crowd of real estate agents. You prove you are open to creative and innovative strategies, and you become the agent who does whatever it takes to satisfy your clients.  

We realize that our referral fee isn’t the same as a commission on a sale, but making it in today’s market means you have to get creative. You can’t rely on just the traditional selling methods. You have to have more than one tool in your toolbox… and offering Property Management is one of them.

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Agent Referral Program